What is Fit6?

Fit6 trainers are more than your average personal trainers. We take our coaching seriously and are dedicated to helping our clients through all areas of their personal fitness.

Fit6 is a hub for leading injury rehabilitation and sports therapy specialists.

At Fit6 we focus on guiding you through all aspects of your fitness journey from nutrition through to mobility assessment, progressing to building strength and endurance.

At Fit6 our tailored programmes are designed so that you can continue your training at home, without the need for expensive equipment or a lot of space.

Fit6 is the first choice for anyone looking to improve their fitness, regain mobility following injury or correct dysfunctions in their movement. We are proud to work with professional athletes, celebrity clients and anyone who’s dedicated to achieving their ultimate fitness goals.

We’re called Fit6 after the six main body movement patterns: squat, hinge, gait/loaded carry, push, pull and rotation/anti-rotation.

Fit 6 Personal Training


  • Dan

    Dan Proctor

    I’m constantly assessing your movements so that we can restore and rebalance any dysfunctions. I don’t miss a trick, whether we’re working one-to-one or in a group so if you’re committed to improving yourself, then I’m ready to help you take charge.

  • Ben

    Ben Causer

    I don’t want to be your average trainer. I want to instil in you the knowledge you need to build your strength. We want to work with people who are dedicated to their personal progression. At Fit6, we’ll go above and beyond so you can too.