Personal Training

Fit6 Personal Training

At Fit6 we take our training seriously. Our key focus is on empowering our clients through the transfer of knowledge and our coaches have decades of experience which they’re dedicated to sharing with you.

What happens next?

Dan Proctor, Fit 6, Personal Training

Your Fit6 personal training journey begins with a thorough assessment of your lifestyle and nutrition. We will discuss any current issues you are suffering from and begin building your bespoke nutritional and exercise plan.

Our coaches will then take you through a detailed movement assessment where your posture and functional movement will be evaluated. Our coaches are fully trained using the Functional Movement Screen system which identifies movement limitation and dysfunction. We will take detailed measurements and highlight any concerns we may have regarding your range of motion.
We will discuss your ultimate fitness goals and work with you to agree a timeframe to achieve them.

As we begin your training your coach will guide you through appropriate exercises, teaching you the progressions and regressions of each one to allow you to build your own knowledge while improving your strength. To start with we will focus on achieving a strong foundation and improving stability, mobility and flexibility. Your coach will continually assess your movement and you will receive regular screening to ensure we’re working in the right direction.

As you progress through your training your coach will begin to focus on strength conditioning and endurance while constantly monitoring your form and technique as you work towards achieving your ultimate goal.

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