Dan Proctor

Having always been a sports enthusiast, Dan’s interest in fitness ignited while watching Daley Thompson win Gold at the European championships in 1986 and watching Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean-Claud Van Damme on TV. Taking up his first gym membership at just 16, he went on to study Sports & Exercise Science at Henley College and started his career as a personal trainer at the age of 21. Having studied Sports & Remedial Massage at NLSSM, he’s been a fitness coach for over 15 years, working with a variety of clients from sedentary office workers to professional athletes and TV personalities. He’s fuelled by a desire to pass on his knowledge to his students, making them stronger and more efficient.

“I want my students to turn up on time, to practice their homework and most importantly, to learn. There’s no point punishing without progress.”

His knowledge is founded through not only his constant determination to continue his own training but through learning to re-strengthen and balance his own body following injury. In 1999 Dan suffered his first of three anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstructive surgeries when his left knee became damaged playing football. Dan refused to follow the medical advice he was given at the time and through a lack of physio and proper re-strengthening, found himself back on the operating table in 2004, this time with the right knee which had been over-worked while compensating for the left. This was the turning point for Dan that inspired his interest in physiology and anatomy.

“I realised that consistency was key. I realised that unless I did my homework and applied myself to the physical therapy my knees would never be fully functional. So I got my head down, I learned as much as I could and I re-built myself.”

Dan founded Fit6 after studying the Functional Movement System (FMS), to provide his clients with a programme to improve their range of motion, mobility flow, strength and efficiency. “I’m always learning and I want to inflict my passion onto others. My approach is all about empowering my students and pushing them to constantly ask themselves ‘how can I do more?’. I believe in laying down the foundations of movement. Once we’ve created a solid base, then we are able to future-proof ourselves so we stay strong and mobile.”

“I really enjoy working with Daniel, he is an expert on Kettlebells and brilliant at correcting poor posture when in the process of training, which is vital for injury prevention.  He mixes sessions up and is never predictable which is really important to me.  If I get bored my body doesn’t react as well, nor as quickly to intense training.”

Gabby Logan

Dan’s keen eye for movement means he’s able to thoroughly assess for issues with posture, mobility or injury and his extensive knowledge of corrective strategies allows him to address the cause of the problem directly, setting individually tailored programmes and routines to fix them.

“I’m constantly assessing your movements so that we can restore and rebalance any dysfunctions. I don’t miss a trick, whether we’re working one-to-one or in a group so if you’re committed to improving yourself, then I’m ready to help you take charge.”


  • Sports & Exercise Science – Henley College
  • Sports & Remedial Massage Level 4 – NLSSM
  • SFG1 & SFG2
  • FMS
  • PT Level 3
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • Strength Matters Kettlebell Level 1
  • UK Strength & Conditioning Coaching Award